ACL: Pre/Post surgery & ACL Injury Prevention

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ACL injuries of the knee are way to common and especially amongst female athletes. Research has demonstrated that 1 in 10 college female athletes and 1 in 100 high school female athletes are at risk for the non-contact ACL injury. There is hope and good research to show that prevention programs can reduce the risk. We work closely with University of Vermont researchers to understand the causes and prevention by attending their lectures , submitting subjects to their studies and rehabilitating their athletes pre and post surgery. Current research suggests that the best prevention programs include teaching coaches and athletes the FIFA 11+ prevention program. An ACL injury prevention program can include other forms of strength and conditioning but it must include the FIFA 11+ component. At DeePT we are also  a certified ‘Sportsmetrics’ (Cincinnati Sports Medicine) clinic.  We use this experience gained from this affiliation, the PEP (Prevent Injury- Enhance Performance) ACL injury prevention program to guide us in prevention and treatment. Let’s work together to reduce the risk. Check out our calendar for ACL  injury prevention and performance classes.