Aquatic Therapy

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Come experience the many benefits of a lower gravity setting with Dee PT’s Endless Pool and Aquatic Physical Therapy. Aquatic Therapy improves joint motion, flexibility, strength, endurance and balance in a nearly pain free environment. Give us a call today and defy gravity at Dee PT!


Program Benefits

Heat- Muscle relaxation greater range of motion.

Hydrostatic Pressure- A force perpendicular to the body surface producing joint positional awareness.

Buoyancy- Stability/support, decreases ground forces and decreases stress on muscles and joints.

Resistance- Increased strength and improved balance.

Program Features

• 8’ x15’ endless pool • Separate room with

• 88-92° private shower

• Adjustable Current • Fully qualified staff in• 2’ to 6’ feet deep treatment techniques

We believe that every patient treatment plan is the most important thing we do. We also understand that the combination of EARLY intervention, EDUCATION and EXERCISE are the keys to help you feel good again.