Care For Runners

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Dee PT proudly offers the most comprehensive running programs in Vermont. There’s our proactive “Run Rx” program that is the perfect prescription for enhancing your running performance and preventing injuries. The “Run Rx” evaluation and video will also teach you about your running imbalances and how to correct your mechanics. Then there’s our “Runners Get Ready” group exercise class that targets those muscles needed to enhance your running experience.Finally, there’s our physical therapy program for runners who are dealing with pain. At Dee PT, we are runners and have committed ourselves to understanding yourinjury and training schedule, while keeping you on the road. If you’re on the run, then it’s definitely time for Dee PT.

We offer:

Runners evaluation

Full Biomechanical work up

Frame by frame video analysis of your running form

Shoe wear evaluation

Corrective exercises

Injury management

Custom foot orthotics made on-site

Individualized programs

We believe that every patient treatment plan is the most important thing we do. We also understand that the combination of EARLY intervention, EDUCATION and EXERCISE are the keys to help you feel good again.