Foot and Ankle Care: On-site Custom Made Foot Orthotic Devices

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At Dee PT our Foot and Ankle Care is the most comprehensive program offered by any p.t. clinic in Vermont and Northern New York. That is a fact.  Runners, athletes and walkers take note and consider our Foot and Ankle Care program. The evaluation starts with your shoe on. We evaluate the fit, wear and tear. From there we video tape your static and dynamic gait and measure the size, width and instep length of your foot. A detailed biomechanical evaluation is then performed along with special testing of different structures such as ligaments, nerves and muscles. With this information we educate you about your injury and how we can work together with you to manage your pain and restore full function using our equipment, exercises, hands , shoe inserts when indicated and most definitely advice on proper shoe wear. Mike Dee has been a Certified Pedorthist specializing in  the prescription, to local technicians, to make exterior shoe  modifications such as permanent heel lifts and rocker bottoms.We also use a variety of off the shelf inserts and devices to guide us as to how best  fix your problem For 22 plus years Mike has handled all design and fabrication of Dee PT total contact, custom molded to your foot, orthotic devices: Custom Foot Orthotics. The process is simple, local and allows for quick turnaround from molding to fitting as well as onsite adjustments when needed. A variety of materials are used to assure a custom device for you. Custom Foot Orthotics are not our first line of intervention, but when it is you will feel the difference.

4 thoughts on “Foot and Ankle Care: On-site Custom Made Foot Orthotic Devices

  1. I need custom molds made that are then turned into leather shoes. I have Charcot’s foot in both feet and cannot fit in regular shoes and socks. I have inserts inside the custom molded shoes. I have been working with my regular person to obtain my newsest shoes since 5/20/2014. Where he sends the molds cannot seem to make the shoes correctly.

    1. Look for a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist or a Certified Pedorthist.

      PW Minor is a nationally know custom shoe maker. You will need someone to mold your foot and order the shoe and the insert.

      Look for someone near to you that has these credentials and can help you. We are in NW Vermont. Where are you?

  2. I have arthritis in both my feel on the top of the arch – left is worse. I’ve been wearing custom orthotics which seem to be helping. It is time for a new pairs.

    My question is – do you offer different shoes that can be worn with them

    1. Sylvia,

      WE do not carry shoes. The Danform and or New Balance shoe stores have good selections and we’ll trained staff.

      We do make the custom foot orthotics, but it appears you have them.

      let us know if we can be of any help.

      Mike Dee P.T.

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