Hip Pain

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Hip pain is common in the young athlete, the desk jockey/weekend warrior and the baby boomer who walks for exercise. A thorough history, orthopedic evaluation and a physical therapy program to address the problem is what we offer you and what works. The hip joint is complex and not all hips are made the same. We consider this when we evaluate you. You may have bursitis, an impingement, a muscle strain, a tear in the labrum of the hip , arthritis or referred pain from your low back. We will help answer those questions and guide you in a course of care with us at Dee Physical Therapy or,  refer you to a physician for further work up as we help you to Feel Good Again!

2 thoughts on “Hip Pain

  1. Hello,
    I have hip pain, mostly in the right one. Have had this for a few years, had x-rays done a couple years ago ,showing some degeneration. Looking for solutions etc. I have BC/BS of Texas. Do you accept this insurance?

    Would like to proceed. What options are available?



    1. Hi Chuck,
      We accept our local BCBS, so are generally in network with BCBS plans from other states. When you call to make an appointment our reception staff will ask for your billing information so that they are able to can your insurance company and verify your benefits for you! To discuss treatment options and to make an appointment please call whichever clinic works best for you location wise. Thank you!

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