Shoulder Pain

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One might say ,” Shoulders are Us”.

At Dee PT we treat hundreds of patients a year with orthopedic shoulder problems. The ‘Shoulder Joint’ is complex and our therapists know that. Shoulder problems can be related to your neck, poor posture, weak muscles, loose or stiff joints, prolonged computer work, improper mechanics in your sport,  bad sleeping positions and or age. One study showed that over 50% of the people used in the study, who were over the age of fifty, had rotator cuff tissue breakdown and were asymptomatic!

Because of the shoulder joint’s ability to move through a full arc of motion in many directions we suffer stability. Add to this all the other biomechanical relationships that contribute to an injured shoulder: Is there a pinched nerve in the neck?, Is the neck stiff in one direction making the shoulder work harder? Is the shoulder capsule too tight or too loose? Is the Clavicle(collar bone) moving properly at both ends? Is the mid back stiff? Are the lungs moving properly? Is the shoulder blade positioned correctly at rest and with movement?

Our physical therapists will help you understand the underlying causes and the things to do to make you , Feel Good Again!

We treat these and more of the  shoulder related diagnoses:

Pre and Post Shoulder Surgery rehabilitation, Sports related shoulder injuries, Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff: Impingement, Tear, Strain, Separations or Dislocations of the Shoulder, Labral Tears, and Shoulder Replacements.