Ola Grimsby at Dee Physical Therapy

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Dee Physical Therapists have been incorporating concepts and techniques learned in the Ola Grimsby Connective Tissue course into our treatments frequently. This course honed our skills, allowing us to better recognize and treat soft tissue restrictions with more specific techniques, and to develop pliability and length within each individual muscle to improve function as a whole.

Everyone’s body develops restrictions and spasms within their musculature due to habitual patterns, making these dynamic techniques applicable to all patients regardless of severity of injury. For instance, if we are treating a receptionist with shoulder pain, they most likely have developed muscle spasms within their upper traps due to forward head and rounded shoulder posture while working on the computer. The Ola Grimsby techniques will help relieve these spasms through dynamic soft tissue mobilization and active/passive pumping of the musculature to increase blood flow and elasticity within the muscle, which will promote relaxation and inhibit pain.

Ola Grimsby Dennis
P.T. Assistant, Dennis Ryan, practices manual therapy techniques at Dee PT’s South Burlington Clinic
Justine, DPT
Justine Dee participates in the Connective Tissue course at Dee PT San Remo Drive

All of us at Dee Physical Therapy look forward to continuing our education with the Ola Grimsby Institute, to develop and challenge our skills as therapists, and to continue to facilitate a quicker recovery time for our patients.