Pool Therapy Offered at Dee Physical Therapy

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Pool Therapy offered at Dee Physical Therapy at our South Burlington, Vermont location: we are pleased to offer such an beneficial form of rehabilitation!   Aquatic Physical Therapy, or Pool Therapy as it is commonly referred to, aids in rehabilitation by using the physical properties of water: buoyancy, compression, and resistance.  These properties provide an ideal and comfortable environment. When used as a part of an individualized treatment program, aquatic therapy allows for comfortable movement earlier on in the rehabilitation process by reducing weight bearing on joints by up to 80%.

Aquatic Therapy


Benefits of Aquatic Therapy include:

Increased confidence with exercise in a controlled environment

Allows for early movement

Ability to start PT sooner due to decreased weight bearing resulting in more efficient recovery

Decreases pain by decreasing nerve sensitivity

Improves body awareness

Excellent for early stage gait training

Allows for earlier shoulder motion

Aids in relaxation


Things to know:

Our pool is kept at 88-92 degrees for your comfort

Rehabilitation sessions in our pool are one-on-one for your privacy

Multiple depths to allow for customized exercise programs

Abundance of Aquatic PT exercise equipment for a variety of movements

Propulsion unit for added resistance with exercise

Private shower and changing room for your convenience


Aquatic therapy is beneficial for the management of:

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for the management and treatment of:



Tendon and ligament injuries


Joint replacements

RTC repairs

Stroke or other Neurological disorders

Loss of strength and mobility

Back pain

Orthopedic injuries



Balance deficits

Please contact us at our 23 San Remo Drive, South Burlington, VT location to make an appointment for aquatic therapy today!

Aquatic Therapy
Aquatic Therapy at Dee Physical Therapy