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At Dee PT, we treat the entire spine—your neck, mid-back and lower back are all related. So if you’re suffering from neck pain, stiff joints, unstable spine, weak muscles, arthritis, bulging discs or just chronic back pain then it’s time for Dee PT. Our specialized therapists will listen to you, evaluate your needs, help control the pain and educate you about your injury. We’ll also teach you individualized exercise programs you can do at home. At Dee PT, we’ll help you get back to work or play in no time. There’s really no reason you have to suffer any more because we offer spine and back care.  Give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!


We offer:

Specialized spine and back evaluation

Joint manipulation

Nerve decompression for pain relief

Stabilization exercises

Body mechanics and education

Postural analysis and corrective exercises

Occupational and work station coaching

Preventive maintenance programs

We believe that every patient treatment plan is the most important thing we do. We also understand that the combination of EARLY intervention, EDUCATION and EXERCISE are the keys to help you feel good again.

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