More Feel Good Again

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Olga and Kelli,

Thank you so much for your kindness each and every day. I walked through the door these last 4 months and you always greeted me with a smile and called me by name; you were patient with me when scheduling appointments and dealing with insurance. All Dee PT patients are lucky to begin and end their visits with you!




Jason and Matt,

You guys are the best! Hard work pays off. You guys did most of the work. Believe it or not physical therapy was fun! Thanks again for fixing my arm.

Your favorite patient,



Thanks for everything!! Please tell Matt and Jason that my ankle is holding up well playing basketball because of them!




Your work with the diaper gift project really brings true good cheer and season’s spirit. It’s been between 3-4 years since I have driven my car or shopped in any kind of store but still find ways to do the things that count most. My days at Dee are happy and thank you for being so friendly & welcoming. I don’t know how much the diaper packs cost, but hope this will help to add some. From overheard conversations at Dee, I think you are Dad to a boy and girl. Lucky they are, I’m sure. You remind me of our dear Andrew, in temperament and being a “people person” … I look forward to seeing you and my Dee family.




Thank you for being such an awesome physical therapist!