No Surgery Needed!!

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I had my appointment today with the surgeon, who was going to do a Vision Scope to determine what type of surgery I would need on my knee….He said, I was NOT ready for surgery yet…he didn’t even do the scope!  After manipulating my knee, having me walk, squat and hop(!) on my right foot, he said I was doing really well, and had several other non-surgical options available, as my osteoarthritis progressed.  I was really psyched.


So….testimony to DeePT…I feel so much better and am really excited to know I don’t have to plan on surgery in the foreseeable future.


What the surgeon said, was I needed to keep doing what I was doing, take on some things I’ve been avoiding, like yoga, golf lessons (which I actually did start on Thursday after talking with Tim), and doing PT.


I can’t tell you too often, how much I appreciated what you and the entire staff has done, to help me transition to this place.  I am fully aware of how fortunate I am to be able to use the facility, and have the expertise of so many awesome individuals…


So….here it is….I am ready to do whatever you prescribe….


Thank you again!