Our own Justine Dee writes for The Charlotte News to give you expert advice on how to get back to moving after back pain!

“Low-back pain can be a one-time event, it can be episodic, occurring every couple of months, or it can be chronic, where you have daily pain. Recurrent back pain is a big problem. When patients with a first-time episode of back pain were followed for a year, two-thirds of them reported additional episodes of back pain during that 12-month period. Many of these patients will go on and have chronic problems. This is costly in many ways. Businesses are less productive if workers are out with injuries. Workers lose wages, which affects home finances. Chronic pain can hinder a person’s ability to see friends, take care of their family, perform usual daily tasks and engage in recreational hobbies. Depression and anxiety from an inability to manage home and life roles can further affect the person’s back pain—depression, fatigue and chronic pain are linked.”

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