Back to Work

Work related injuries requires a complete team approach. We are on your team.

Prevention is key and we can help you and your employees to stay on the job. We start with a meeting to assess your needs. With that information, we advise you and your staff on best practices to reduce injuries on the job.

Work Injury management by a physical therapist must consider the fact that soft tissue injuries consisting of the inflammatory, repair and start of the remodeling phase is 6 weeks. Appropriate rest and exercise during this 6 weeks is key. Some injuries take less time and some a little more, but the focus is always on: ‘What can the employee do?’

We understand that the need for functional exercises, light duty a timely and safe return to work is imperative. Communication with the physician’s office, nurse case manager, claim adjuster and employer are critical to an effective return to work.  That is our work and what we do. The cost of an injured worker costs all of us. We can help lower those costs. Industrial Rehabilitation has been one of our strengths for over 25 years.

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