Care for Runners

There is a reason over 400 runners seek our Care for Runners service each year

We are runners and we treat runners.

Our proactive “Run RX” is a comprehensive runners’ evaluation that discovers those subtle imbalances that can negatively impact your running.

Our “Runners Get Ready” seasonal group exercise class improves your strength and flexibility and is clinically proven to improve your Running Economy. Run longer, faster, at a lower percentage of your VO2 Max. (VO2 Max is your body’s unique measurement of how much oxygen you use during maximal effort.)

Prevention, Performance and Pain Reduction

Running injuries are curable and preventable. The causes are many and that is why we look very carefully at your standing posture, walking and running biomechanics. Shoewear evaluation, stride length, position at ground contact, mid-stance, toe off and swing phase tell us so much about your injury.

We measure your hip, knee, foot and ankle: Range of Motion, Strength and Flexibility while we consider the acute or chronic nature of your running injury.  The good news is we can keep you active while you rehabilitate with us.

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