Hip and Knee Care

At Dee PT we see a lot of patients in need of hip and knee care. The hip and knee have a very close mechanical relationship helping you move about your day.

The first thing we have to do is make sure your hip and knee pain are not coming from your low back.

Once we have done that we will determine what is the source of your discomfort and how the hip and knee are impacting the problem.

The hip joint is a major joint in that it connects the entire lower leg to the pelvis and torso. We will make sure you have the proper balance of flexibility and strength as we relieve your symptoms. There are some simple exercises you can do throughout your day that really help.

The knee joint is like the middle child and it too needs special attention.

Exercise and simple hands-on techniques are a great way to start your knee rehabilitation. We will give you a comprehensive evaluation and program that addresses all the causes of your knee pain. There are many causes; we know what they are and what physical therapy can and should do for you. Our approach and programs really work.

Swelling disorder

Physical Therapy can really help your swollen limb

At Dee PT our therapists utilize a complete decongestive therapy (CDT) approach to treat people with all types of swelling disorders. If you have lymphedema, bursitis, venous insufficiency, or other types of swelling CDT can help you reduce and control this fluid buildup. CDT includes skin care, manual lymph drainage massage, compression and exercise to help reduce swelling and maintain the reduction.

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