Elbow, Wrist, and Hand

Experiencing Elbow, Wrist, or Hand Pain?

Tennis Elbow (outside of the elbow) or Golfers Elbow (inside of the elbow) are common tendinitis problems we treat.

Your wrist pain is most likely an irritated tendon too. Your pain increases when you grip, squeeze, type or lift a small object.

Easing the pain is our first job as we give you exercises to make for a healthier tendon. Three bones make up the elbow. Two long bones, eight little bones and five bones in the hand make up the wrist. Wow!

We need to make sure they are all moving correctly. And let’s not forget your shoulder joint and posture.

All of our major joints have mechanical relationships to other joints and we want to make sure we address all of the muscles, movements, and postures related to your pain.

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