Low Back Pain

Are you experiencing low back pain?

“It hurts to sit, It hurts to walk, It hurts to bend, It hurts to sneeze and cough, It takes a long time to decrease the pain in the morning, It hurts to lift and carry things, It hurts getting in and out of my car”

We hear this every day from our patients and just these reports of pain tell us a great deal of what may be causing your pain. Low back pain is like neck pain in that certain movements and postures hurt and other movements and postures feel better. If we see you at the onset of your pain we can get best results, however, we do see people who have had pain for months or years and we have some simple and effective strategies for you as well.

Bulging or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, facet arthritis are common diagnoses we treat. The fact is a good portion of the population has the same things wrong and do not have pain. We will help you understand why you hurt and show you ways to manage it while we address your pain.

Your doctor gives you medicine to take a few times a day. We give you simple exercises to perform throughout your day. They are easy to do and really help to decrease the pain. The best part is you will use these exercises to keep the pain from returning.

Sometimes the pain in your hip, thigh, leg or foot may be coming from your low back. We will help you figure that out and show you how to relieve those symptoms as well.

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